The Computer Manual

Welcome to The Computer Manual, a collection of computer tutorials, computer fundamentals, for beginners and intermediates which will save you lots of time, frustration, and gray hairs. If you don’t know how to copy and paste a link, then this manual is for you. If you have trouble identifying what a link is, a browser tab, or a web address, then this package is definitely for you.

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Do you feel that you don’t know where to start when using a computer? This book will transform you
from an intelligent 8 year old into a commanding computer user. This book will help you sort the chaos
and make it work for you. If you’re afraid of making changes on your computer because later you won’t know
how to undo them, then this is the perfect book for you!

What will you learn in The Computer Manual:

Chapter 1

• How to stay organized and save credentials
• Open the box, set up the computer
• How to interact with the desktop, mouse clicks , keyboard, taskbar and features
• Manage and find devices, browsing for files and folders, file proprieties
• Running applications and shortcut commands, Copy Paste, Undo Redo, Select multiple items
• File locations and address paths, screen shots, archive files and file extensions
• Ad-ware, viruses, bugs, computer and identity security. Light maintenance and cleaning
• Settings and data backup, profile backup

Chapter 2

• Recovering your computer, create a System Image, Windows Repair disc, Installing Windows OS
• Driver installations, driver problems and workarounds

Chapter 3

• Downloading and installing applications, what and who to trust, what to avoid and watch for
• Installing FireFox internet Browser, Real Player and iTunes, Open Office
• Burning Audio, MP3 CDs, Downloading YouTube, file format converters

Chapter 4

• Insides of the desktop tower
• Descriptions of important windows OS folders and Control Panel components
• Data backup, file extensions, folders, printers, sharing, installing, managing and troubleshooting
• Computer troubleshooting, steps tools and methods of troubleshooting problems

Chapter 6

• All about home networking, network overviews and troubleshooting problems step by step
• Wireless and wired network troubleshooting, guided and illustrated steps
• Remote desktop, windows firewall in Windows 7 problems that we might run in

Chapter 7

• Connecting your TV to your computer trough HDMI< managing an iPod with iTunes
• Convert files for iPods with real Player, download YouTube Videos to iPods, handbrake video converter
• Manipulating CDs DVDs and ISOs, ImageBurn, Video Lan Player another video player
• Installing Virtual Machines

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