The Computer Manual started because of many personal computer questions. I work as a helpdesk / desktop support and many times coworkers are asking me about their home computers. It is somewhat hard to try and troubleshoot problems like that. But if you have a book which will guide you through the most common computer maintenance tasks, then everyone has a common point of start.
A lot of times people don’t have the time or the energy to even try to fix their own problems. In addition there WERE no good books out there until The Computer Manual, to help people understand how computers work and how can they be fixed.

Most of the time people are literally afraid to even attempt to fix their computers, they are afraid to do changes because they won’t know how to undo them and they might break the computer from bad to worse. I was in the same situation. Only that I just made the leap to try and fix it on my own. I can’t say I wasn’t lucky, but ever since then my approach with everything has changed. I left that fear behind me, and now I work in the IT field.

My troubleshooting experience started with a “jump”. You see, most of us need a jump in order to get where we need to, The Computer Manual is the Jump for all of you who want to learn to do it on your own. For me was some time ago when I just got my first computer. Within a week it wasn’t even starting up because I decided to delete “The Windows”. At the time I didn’t even know what Windows was. Finally sometime later I put all the scarce information together and realized that Windows was the Operating System. Anyway I had the computer dead and I didn’t even know what could I do. Luckily I had some guides that came up with my computer. I had no experience but I managed to understand a few things from one of those brochures. What I needed was to use the recovery CD which had came with my computer. I found that on the manual.

The indications were simple. Put the CD in the CD – ROM and start your computer up. I did that and nothing happened. Then I started reading on the sleeve that came with the CD. Which said that the computer boot sequence has to be set to boot of the CD-ROM. I did change the boot sequence, and I managed to start the computer from the recovery CD, everything else fell into place. There were very little options but one of them said to recover the computer to original factory settings. I guess you can see that I made that choice. Two hours later my computer was UP and running. I did lose some data but I was happy that now I had an initial point of starting the computer. Then a whole world of experiments was instantly opened because now nothing could go wrong. Everything could be undone by the recovery CD. Well that lasted for a bit of time because then I found this nifty little tool called FDISK with which I managed to mess up the hard drive partitions and then not even the recovery CD would work. I probably must of done like 10 recoveries and still nothing. That time I had my neighbor help me with it, and even him didn’t know what I have done. But I had told him which tool I might’ve ran, and then we did look at it and he finally figured it out. That is when I decided to buy my first book for computer maintenance and repair, and in that book there was also information about that FDISK which perhaps caused me a few grey hairs.

My point is that you have the jump start in The Computer Manual and you can take control of the computer and avoid the flattening of your computer learning curve.