Address Paths

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The example above is an address path. The root of the address path is the beginning and that is the C:\ drive. You can imagine it as a tree and its branches.

You can actually run the command “tree” in CMD to obtain the tree in the image. Run CMD first, and then in CMD type in tree and press Enter.

In this particular example the C:\ drive is the root and trunk of the tree and each folder directly descending from it are the main branches. If you browse the C:\ drive you will see its child folders, those are the direct branches from the C:\ drive. To abstract this further, every folder is the trunk tree for its child folders, or its tree branches. Now if you want to get a bit more visual, for all of you which have seen the movie Avatar, you can imagine the C:\ Drive like Navi’s Home Tree.

For some people it is easier to imagine the C:\ drive as the lake water surface and descend into its depths as they browse for folders, or climb up on the shore. The choice is yours in this matter.