Install RSAT Tools for Windows 10

RSAT Windows 10. If you ever need to install the RSAT tools to windows 10 and you have problems, try this: Download the respective MSU package from Microsoft, Extract the cab file with 7zip or with the command “expand -F:* c:\users\yourusername\downloads\WindowsTH-RSAT_TP5_Update-x64.msu c:\users\yourusername\downloads\rsattools\”. If

Internet web Browser, Surfing the Internet

  This post is here to give you a crash course on how to use an Internet Web Browser. In the image below we have three internet browsers Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer or IE. All of them basically offer a

Donwloading applications and Installing software

Downloading Applications it is not an easy task. Warning first! A lot of time free downloaded applications will ask your permission for third party applications installations. Third party application installation is not necessarily bad but it is good for you to know