Chapter 1 First things first, Don’t forget to LOL

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Before OOB (Out of the Box)

Computer Out of The Box, Open new Computer

Read the Chapter 1 a few times until you get comfortable with the terminology and the Windows® Operating System and then start burning your recovery DVDs. Practice all the lessons.

The first thing before opening your computer from the box, obviously you should buy this book. The second thing, buy a thick notebook, that should be your PC journal. You should keep all the entries dated. The first couple dozen pages should be left out empty for all those user accounts you’ll have online. Most people have a checking account so that would be the first set of passwords for online banking, but usually you need an email, that comes with credentials too. If you add a few credit cards to that, Netflix and who knows what else, you quickly realize that you need the couple dozen blank pages only for online credentials. We can add an ITunes® account, ITunes® is explained in this book.
In the notebook you can write all the changes and all the information you discover while working with the PC, is like learning by doing. Just by writing it down in your own words will help you remember better.

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