Computer Manual Contents

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Chapter 1

First things first, Don’t forget to LOL
Before OOB (Out of the Box)
Out of the Box Experience
Single Click or double Click?
The Start button, Start Menu and Taskbar
MY Computer or Computer
The RUN Dialog Window
Copy and Paste (Ctrl C, Ctrl V)
The Undo and Redo Commands
Selecting and copying multiple items
Drag and Drop
Create a new folder
Browsing for files and folders, file proprieties
Address Paths
Screen captures – Screen shots
Working with archive files
Antivirus Antispyware vs. Ad-Aware or Bugs and Identity theft
User Profile cleaning and maintenance
Disk Cleanup – To clean your user profile
Users and Profile Backup
Wild Cards
Composing a new email
The Gmail, email from Google
Internet Search

Chapter 2 Computer Recovery

Boot Discs Boot order
What is a Partition, Disk Partitions, Windows partitions
Burn your recovery DVDs
Create a System Repair Disc
Creating a System Image
Create a System Image on DVD or Network
Recovering your computer from a network share with a System Image
System Repair Disc and System Image Recovery
Recovering your computer from the recovery partition
Recovering your computer from the Recovery DVDs
Lenovo recovery from DVDs – Example
Installing the Windows® OS
Installing Windows® OS from the CD/DVD
Windows® XP Professional
Installing Windows® 7
Installing new drivers
Problems with Automatic Driver Installation

Chapter 3 

Expanding your Computer’s abilities
Downloading and Installing Applications
Installing RealPlayer®
Installing ITunes®
Burning CDs DVDs
Burning an Audio CD with RealPlayer®
Necessary Software
Downloading and installing OpenOffice®
The Insert key Problem

Chapter 4 

Windows® OS and Control Panel
Inside the Box or inside the Tower
S-ATA Hard-drive Connection
Familiarize yourself with the Operating System
Control Panel
Computer Power Modes
Programs and features
Backing UP your data

Chapter 5

Default Programs and File Extensions
Folder Options
Network and Sharing Center
Internet Options
Windows® Update and Windows® Firewall
Devices and Printers
Add a network printer
Installing a shared printer
Sharing a printer
Troubleshooting the printer
Device Manager
The Notification Area
Microsoft SyncToy

Chapter 6

Troubleshooting your Windows Start-Up
Hard Disk tools
System Restore
Troubleshooting your PC – Msconfig
Troubleshooting your computer – The SysInternals® Tools
ERD Commander
Troubleshooting your printer and print spooler
Chapter 6 Networking
Network IP addresses
Network Overviews
Setting up your wired network
Troubleshooting your wired network connectivity
Connecting to your wireless network
Troubleshooting your wireless network
Manually managing the wireless networks
Transferring or migrating data to the new computer

Chapter 7

Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop Options
Windows® Firewall in Windows® 7
More Fun Stuff
Connecting your Computer trough HDMI to your TV
Manage an IPOD® with ITunes
Downloading YouTube® files for iPods
Manipulating CDs DVDs and ISOs
Video LAN Player VLC player
Virtual Machines

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