Hard Drive Problems and Updates

Noticed that my laptop hard-drive is making this squeaking – buzzing sound. Called the manufacturer and they agreed to send me a new hard drive for replacement. The worst part of an hard-drive update is that you have to back-up your data and then transfer it on the new hard drive after you have installed the operating system or recovered it from the recovery DVDs. And that’s if yo knew to burn the DVD’s in the first place. But with Windows 7’s system image everything was a breeze.

Created  the system image on an external hard-drive and now i’m just waiting for the replacement hard drive to arrive so I can make the switch.

The only draw back of this process is that I already made changes to my computer, and I would like them to be transfered in the system image, but for that you can only create a second system image. In the end this is the easiest way to transfer your entire system effortlessly from hard drive to another, including your personal data.

Happy Computing and for all those head scratching situations get The Computer Manual.