Install RSAT Tools for Windows 10

RSAT Windows 10.

If you ever need to install the RSAT tools to windows 10 and you have problems, try this:

Download the respective MSU package from Microsoft,

Extract the cab file with 7zip or with the command expand -F:* c:\users\yourusername\downloads\WindowsTH-RSAT_TP5_Update-x64.msu c:\users\yourusername\downloads\rsattools\”.

If you use the expand command to extract the files, the resulting cab file name you need to use with DISM is:

Run dcomcnfg to configure component services:

or use administrative tools in control panel to open component services.

Expand Component Services expand Computers and right click on My Computer click on the default properties tab and make sure that Default Authentication level is set to Connect and the Default impersonation level is set to Identify.

Now use DISM /online /add-package /packagePath:C:\users\yourusername\downloads\rsattools\