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How to make a boot usb with malwarebytes? Run Malwarebytes from flash drive? Download malwarebytes to flash drive. Malwarebytes Portable.

How to create a Malwarebytes USB Boot able flash drive which contains malware antivirus software?

Simple, you download the ISO from Malwarebytes ISO, then use 7 zip to extract the ISO onto a USB flash drive then use the Malware USB to remove computer malware and computer viruses. The Image is updated to contain new definitions for the malware antivirus. If you have a network connection which gets detected you will be able to update virus definition files to update the  internet anti virus on this custom USB stick.

Open a CLI or CMD window as a the administrator then type in diskpart.

To find out which USB you want to make into a Custom USB stick use the command list disk. If you check in the image below, you can see that disk 4 is 7643 MB, that is an 8GB USB stick which I want to make into a Custom USB. Therefore I need to use Select Disk 1 to make the Custom USB.

Custom USB, CUSTOM USB Stick

In diskpart type the following commands:

select disk #

detail disk – this command is for you to see if you selected the right disk, check out the size to figure out which disk you have selected, if you still can't figure it out, read on and follow the images.

select partition #


The # sign stands for the disk number you're working with or the partition number you are working with.

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selct disk, select disk number, select disk #

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If you don't know your disk number check out the computer management disk management and there you can see the disk number assigned to each disk.

After Diskpart has loaded you have to make the partition active on the USB flash drive.

Then You have to use the function key F12 to load the boot options or the assigned function key for your computer. Then select the USB key drive to boot off and you should be able to use the Malwarebytes Bootable USB just as the MalwareBytes boot CD to remove computer malware and computer viruses.

Boot the USB key and activate the free antivirus software by running mbam at the command prompt. This  Custom USB stick has proven to be an excellent malware antivirus software  even in business virus protection.