Microsoft Office Word 2007 healthy document

I was working on The Computer Manual website to set it up and beautify it wit some slides on the home page. After a while Microsoft Word 2007 Crashed with “The Computer Manual” Manuscript. When I tried to open it back up Word warned me that the document caused the error before and it would try to recover it again. And eventually it would not open properly.

Luckily I had a backup on one of my thumb drives. I copied the backup file but I got the same answer and the same problem.
Then I realized that somewhere somehow there is some meta-data which determines Microsoft Word to open the new not defective document in the same manner as the Old broken document.

So I found where the meta-data (meta-data is data about the data) was C:\Users\”yourUserAccount”\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office

Deleted all the files there except the “recent” folder, and opened the file back up again. And sure enough my magic worked.

If anyone experiences similar issue give it a try.