Mouse not working trough RDP into vMware VM Console

Mouse not working trough RDP into vMware VM Console

I noticed that I could no longer use a mouse when I was using RDP to a workstation trough which was necessary to access any virtual machine trough the VM console.

Cannot use mouse trough RDP into a VMware VM console. There were a few topics online which addressed some of the issues that could affect the mouse behavior but none touched specifically on this issue. Updated the graphic card drivers for windows 10, assuming that there could have been a graphic card driver issue. Updated the drivers and still had the same problem.

It is very difficult to work without a mouse that cannot click properly. The mouse cursor was flickering from the typical link hand to the arrow. And none on the left clicks had any effect. however the right click seemed to work at some points.

The screen from which I was using RDP had a very large resolution and I was using windows scaling to see my screen icons larger as well as the text. I changed the screen scaling to normal or 100% and the problem disappeared.

The clue that hinted that the screen scaling was the problem was the fact that at a lower scaling the mouse kind of worked but when you ware trying to drag and make a lasso window around icons the mouse pointer was in the middle of the lasso window.

In conclusion if your mouse is not working through a an RDP session into a VMware VM console you could have scaling turned on which does not synchronizes the coordinates properly into the VM Console trough RDP.

So one thing to check out is if you have changed your display settings scaling on the computer you’re using to RDP into the console of a VMware virtual machine.

Now a more interesting thing would be who needs to fix this issue. Would it be Microsoft, Vmware or the CL or GL graphic suite. Because this seems to be a coordinates translation issue from all the mediums interconnecting, Windows Screen RDP and VM Console.