Computer Out of the Box Experience – Conectics

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Out of the box you should be able to put the computer together. All of them come with a quick guide, so you should follow that guide.

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The computer needs a monitor, that is your visual interface, a keyboard, a mouse, and audio speakers and you should be set. Other peripherals can be added as needed.
#1    VGA it connects to the monitor, note the blue color.
#2    DVI all of them are connectors that go to the monitor, the plastic is usually white
#3    PS2 connections Keyboard (purple)
#4    PS2 Connections Mouse (Green)
#5    USB (Universal Serial Bus) almost all peripherals connect to USB.
#6    LAN, Ethernet, or Network connection
#7    Audio out, the green coded connector goes to your speakers.
#8    HDMI Port (High Definition Multimedia Interface) it connects to TVs, Sound systems and monitors