Recovery Media, brun your recovery DVD

Burn your recovery DVDs

To burn the recovery CDs / DVDs you have to find the designated application. In order to find it you have to understand a bit of the language. So if you computer comes from Sony that means it is a VAIO. Usually SONY has the word Vaio associated with all their computers and applications. In your case it should be under the Application VAIO care. If is not that it has to be something like VAIO Backup and Recovery, VAIO maintenance and so on. This should be the case with most other brands of computers. Therefore you have to basically follow the same steps to find the media recovery application. Most of the companies like HP, Dell, and Acer add these recovery media and backup applications. So look in the names sections under Start Programs for something with maintenance, recovery, backup, care, and so on. Extrapolate from these words. For Lenovo machines you have to look for ThinkVantage technologies.


Look in all programs and search for the software that might sound like what we’ve mentioned before.  After the DVDs have been created, put them back in the DVD-ROM and see if you can explore them and view the contents.

Below there is an image on how to create the recovery DVDs for a Toshiba computer.

toshiba media recovery

Make sure you have an empty DVD in the DVD drive and run the application then follow the instruction and burn as many DVDs as indicated by the application. Make sure you label the DVDs as indicated by the application. But in all cases the first DVD burned is the first DVD you will have to start from at the recovery time.