Screen captures – Screen shots

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All the pictures in this book have been captured using the “alt” + “Print Screen” keys. This combination captures the active window only, not the entire screen. To capture the entire screen just press the “Print Screen” key. Then open “Microsoft Paint” by running mspaint. Right click on the empty space and select “paste” from the popup menu, or press the “ctrl+v” to paste. You can paste the picture or screen shot into different kinds of programs that support pictures. I am using Microsoft Word and I am pasting into it, you can also use Microsoft Outlook to paste pictures into and email them to coworkers and friends. But if you have an online email and you use an internet browser (IE, Firefox) to email back and forth, then you need to paste the picture into Microsoft Paint which comes with Windows® and then save it as a Jpeg or Png and only then attach it to your email.