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by admin on July 26, 2013

Kill spyware with Antispyware Live CD from Superantispyware.

You can download the AntiSpyware USB or Antispyware boot cd from Anti-Malware page :

The version describe below of the Anti-Malware CD is winpe 3.0 and it requires some command line. However WINPE 5.0 has a GUI all you have to do is to double click the Super Antispyware icon.

In many instances Superantispyware has proved itself a great tool for cleaning computers of adware. This tool is not great only for the home virus protection but also for the small business virus protection. So for quite sometime we were trying to find a way to add superantispyware to the anti-spyware boot CD. Finally we were able to implement this malware remover into the SuperAntispyware bootable ISO file.

On this Superantispyware CD along with Superwantispyware you have the rest of the malware tools, like malwarebytes, sophos and spybot SD. All these tools together on this AntiSpyware bootable CD will give you great virus protection.

At the command line prompt run sas.exe to start superantispyware. Click OK on the language selection without even trying to select a language. Then run sas.exe again to get superantispyware to run.

Superantispyware winpe



Follow trough to the next image and after running sas.exe the second time you should be presented with the SuperantiSpyware home screen. Change the scanning options to Complete Scan and then alter the preferences from the preferences button.


Superantispyware home, superantispyware home screen


Alter your preferences as in the screen below in the Scanning Control tab. but you should uncheck the Ignore files larger than 4 mb, and Scan only known files. This will make the scanning longer but you will be making sure that you are not missing any potential threats. Alter these preferences according to your needs.

SASprefs, Superantispyware scanning control


Now the final steps. It is not necessary to scan the bootable superantispyware disc because it will extra time for no reason. what you need to scan is the the computer hard drive. in most cases this will be designated by the letter D:\. Follow the image belo to understand which locations to scan after pressing the Scan your computer button. You should only scan the d: and c: drives, do not scan the X: drive or the CD-rom drive, Those two locations contain The Antispyware bootable CD. Follow the image below for an idea.

SAS_drives_to_scan, superantispyware drives to scan


Uncheck the scan inside zip files change the settings to high boost and look on the left hand side to see which drives to select. The system reserved partition might not be necessary to scan, by to make sure you can scan it anyway.

Good luck.


Download the SuperantiSpyware boot CD and remove malware from you computer. You can turn this ISO onto an Antispyware USB boot device. All you have to do is Read the post on AntiSpyware USB Boot. For the latest version of the of the Superantispyware boot CD go to the AntiSpyware boot CD post.

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jaap August 14, 2015 at 5:26 pm

My windowsdisk is on a promise raid chip.
To recognize it I need to add drivers on a floppy:
drvload a:\winxp\fasttx2k.inf


admin August 21, 2015 at 6:12 am

Yes that makes sense. But you could customize that image and add the driver directly to the image, so you wouldn’t have to load it from a diskette.


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