System Repair Disc and System Image Recovery

Repair the Operating System with the System repair disc and the System Image.

You first need to boot = start up from the System repair Disc. To do this you need to shut down the computer with the system repair disc in the CD-ROM drive. Then start your computer and press usually the function key F12. Other systems have Function keys assigned.

startup device menu

Select the DVD ROM IDE CD or IDE DVD or something similar to a DVD CD or DISC. And then follow the message on the screen. In the next screen after you have selected the proper device you should be seeing the “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” message. Stop looking for the any key and press a key. Otherwise you have to repeat the process. this menu only lats for a few seconds, then the computer continues with the normal boot sequence.

boot cd,


After you have successfully booted from the CD, you should select the language and click the next button. On the system recovery options select Restore your computer using a system recovery image that you created earlier.  This option works if you have a new hard-drive and you want to restore your system on that new hard-drive.

system recovery options

After you have select the second option to restore your computer using a system image, you should see the next screen. If you don’t see the next screen it means that your WindowsImageBackup folder is not on the root of your hard disk. You cannot place that folder anywhere else because the Windows Repair Disc will not work properly, unless you use it to restore your computer from the network. Make sure that the WindowsImageBackup folder is on the root of your hard-drive. Otherwise the process might not work.

windows image backup

Now you can either select a system image or let the system use the latest available. If you have more and you want to restore a particular image then click the select a system image radio button, and follow the instruction from there.