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Computer Recovery, System Recovery Image

You need a very large USB hard drive to use this feature properly. If your computer is already slow, then the system recovery image will copy the exact state of the computer as is. When you restore the “disk image” your computer

Folder Options Show Hidden Files and Folders

There are two ways to get to Folder Options and show hidden files and folders, press the windows start button -> Control Panel, arrange the view by large icons and find the folder options icon. Or from any open folder you go

Identity Theft, Credit Report, Credit Monitoring

The real danger for Identity Theft comes from adware, spyware and viruses. Adware collects sensitive data about you and ships it to its designers. They use that information to obtain money from your credit cards and your bank account, usually by purchasing

Adware Spyware tricks

Yesterday I have encountered some clever hidden files virus which was able to trick one of our technicians. This fake anti virus wasn’t a fake antivirus per se but it was disguised as a system optimizer, just like an fake adware remover or

Running WinPE with Malwarebytes

Use the field below to receive the links for all the discs ISOs available. Further down find instructions for the old discs for any other requests comment below. 2015  [May 14 2015 Update WINPE50] The Computer Manual Rescue CD run “updateref” as a command