The Start button, Start Menu and Taskbar

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The start button is the button from where 90% of the work is initiated!  Windows® 7 (#1)

Windows Desktop

Start button and start menu in Windows® 7. The start button resides on the Task Bar. The taskbar displays icons of pinned applications on which the operator can click and launch. In addition when the user activates these applications they are shown on the taskbar. And then the user can switch between the applications. In the image below you can find active applications. #2

desktop taskbar, windows taskbar

If you want to pin an application on the task bar (in Windows 7), just navigate to find its icon and right click on it and from the popup menu select pin to taskbar. To pin a currently running application to the taskbar just right click to on its existing icon on the taskbar and select pin this program to taskbar. #1

Taskbar right click, pin item to taskbar

In all Windows Operating Systems the start button is placed in the same location, lower left corner of the desktop on the TaskBar (#3). The taskbar can be moved on all 4 sides of the screen, along with the start button.

To prevent the Taskbar from moving you can lock it as in the image above. The taskbar comes locked by default so in order to move it you need to unlock it first.

windows xp desktop

If you look at both examples in both versions of Windows you can find in both start menus the Control Panel shortcut, and Computer or My Computer shortcut. #2 These, both are very important locations that you should try to remember because they are used throughout this book. If all roads lead to Rome, or in modern day New York City, then all clicks lead to Control Panel and My Computer. And as a practice try to click on Control Panel and see where it takes you. In addition to this you will have to remember that whenever you’ll see something like the following:

Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Sharing center, or Start -> Computer ->C:\ it means that you will have to be logged in your computer and you should click on the Start button, then select Control Panel -> Network and sharing center in this particular case. So practice a few times so it will imprint in your memory. This book uses illustrations for easier understanding. However if you just follow and not process the information at all, you’ll not be doing a lot of learning. And your learning is the main goal of the book.

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