Website 101 – The first technical steps

So you have no clue about no clue, but you want a Dot Com for your great idea. First, get a paper notebook for your credentials (user names and passwords). For ease of access of your credentials keep a copy in your computer.

My suggestion is to start with a blog content manager. There are three major ones, WordPress, Joomla and Durpal. My experience is extensive with WordPress, and I feel that is the easiest to deal with, especially for a novice. It automates more than the other open source web content management systems.

You have three sets of credentials (User names and passwords) for WordPress = content management system, hosting and domain registrar. WordPress is free as well as Joomla, and Durpal.

In the web industry there are many layers of technologies that interconnect, and TA-DA, we get the WEB.

You need a domain name:

Usually everyone likes to have their own or .net, .TV, and so on. For all of you that want that, read further.

1. You buy your domain name/s from one of the specialized sellers. So just search online “register your domain name” or “domain registrars” and you’ll find plenty of retailers.

2. Then you buy your hosting. It is advisable to buy the hosting from the same company as your domain registrar, they all offer it. It makes administration easier to buy the domain and hosting from the same retailer. Example

So you have two accounts so far: The hosting account, and the Registrar account.

Returning to your hosting account.

Hosting allows you to manage the behind the scenes. You can manage your folders, and files, databases, emails, and many other things. The hosting feels like a Macro-Manager. Therefore the hosting provides you with the space for all the tools you use as well as forms of organization of those tools.

If you were a painter you would have a shop and a gallery, that shop containing all the tools, would be your hosting account. For that shop = hosting account you will have a set of keys or credentials. Like any other building you have to have safety. Your hosting account provides you with safety measures as well.

The content manager, is the Micro-Manager. The content manager -Wordpress- acts like a butler. This butler manages all the tools in the shop, and makes them available for you on the fly. Instead of you reaching directly to your hosting, the butler organizes everything for you. It also makes the shop look like an art gallery where you expose your work for your viewers.

Accomplishing some tasks will require you to talk directly to your hosting account. Some of these can be overcome if you add more plug ins to your WordPress a.k.a the Butler.

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